The best school in Odisha tells why extracurricular activities are important for children

Extracurricular activities refers to the activities taught to the student outside of the set

curriculum, like singing, dancing, sports etc. Even though parents are largely of the opinion that

ECA is an important part of a student’s life, their approval of ECA only limits to the serious

activites like debating, quizzing, public speaking or select dance forms like indian classical and

sports like cricket and tennis. Parents still disapprove of activities like painting, western dancing,

drama, singing etc considering to be not as serious as the previous ones for reasons unknown.

While it is true that ECA like public speaking and quizzing is interrelated to academia, and can

help a child with academics and learning, but that doesn’t mean the kids should not indulge in

other activities. ODM, the best school in Odisha believes that as parents and teachers, we

should expose students to as many extra curricular activities as possible so that it widens their

learning circle and helps them in all round development.

Let’s look at few of the reasons why believe that ECA should be an integral part of school


● Improved Academic Performance

Students who indulge in ECA are known to improve in their academics since they learn

to manage their time better and also increase their attention span along with developing

their visual and spatial skills.

● Time Management

ECA teaches students to plan and implement their tasks in given time since they learn to

manage academics and ECA together.

● Developing Commitment and Responsibility

When a student participates in an activity that he or she likes, he will be passionate

towards it and will possess virtues like commitment and responsibility. At ODM, the best

school in Odisha, we strive towards not only teaching new academic concepts but also

character building, and ECA plays an important role in it.

● Exposure to new activities

Participating in various activities exposes students to new forms of art and sports,

teaching them new skills. Who knows, they might find their passion in one of them and

start to pursue it as a career further on in life.

● Peer engagement

Participation in ECA increases peer interaction and makes children more confident and

less anxious of crowds. Certain activities like public speaking and dancing also help

them get rid of stage fright. Peer engagement also relieves stress.


ODM Public School provides to all its students a dynamic environment that blends academic

learning and extra-curricular activities for comprehensive development of its students. Our

school boasts of a swimming pool, an indoor gymnasium, basketball and volleyball courts, a

cricket ground and an indoor sports hall for all kinds of sports activities for our children. The

school also has specialized dance rooms, music rooms, toy houses and visual arts room to

teach students various co-curricular activities. Visit to know more about the

best school in Odisha!


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