How top schools in Bhubaneswar are using AR to deliver modern education

A novel twist on real life elements, augmented reality brings incredible new opportunities to the field of education, enabling teachers to engage students and help them retain information better than most traditional forms of education. Today’s addiction to smartphone technology makes AR the next logical step to educational practices and top schools in Bhubaneswar are using it in innovative new ways, designed to deliver the best of modern educations to fresh young minds.


Here are some of the most fascinating ways that top CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar such as ODM have made use of AR technology.


Explaining Concepts

Complicated concepts and diagrams are made exponentially easier through the use of AR technology. Take for example science courses taught across CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar. In biology, eccentric systems like the circulatory system can be explained easily by representing flow of various fluids through virtual representations. Similarly in physics, intricate workings of mechanical systems can be detailed with a quick AR based virtual tour!


Homework Assignments

Some of the best schools in Odisha have even begun hanging out AR homework assignments. The aim of such assignments is to capture live examples of specific concepts and principles taught in class. For example, ‘capture an instance of gravity being used in household appliances’.


Lab Experiments

Instead of working with dangerous reagents and chemicals that can have adverse reactions on the skin, modern CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar host virtual lab experiments, where AR filters can substitute the need for real apparatus and reactants.


Circuit Diagrams

Faced with enormous classroom sizes many CBSE schools in bbsr are unable to provide their students with the necessary exposure to practical applications. Virtual equipment can help address this issue, creating a strong visual learning experience for students, such as in the case of circuit diagrams - where AR can be used to walk students through a step by step process of system building.


Primary Schooling

Age holds no restriction for AR technology and the best schools in Odisha even offer the same in primary schooling, teaching elementary school kids about colours and shapes through virtual lenses and highly interactive content.


Live Feedback

Gamification of feedback and doubt clarification sessions is made possible by AR, increasing retention amongst students and helping them voice doubts with increasing confidence. Top CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar hold regular, weekly AR sessions that help students keep up with lessons.


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