Impactful Education Trends in best cbse schools in Bhubaneswar

There’s no denying the fact that education is of most indisputable importance in the society. Today, it is much more pivotal than ever. Educational sector and the people associated with it have seen gradual yet revolutionary changes in this field.


There have been a lot of trends that have bene shaping up the educational industry. The best school in Bhubaneswar, ODM Public School bring the most impactful educational trends for you -


  • Growth of integrated learning solutions – It is astonishing how urban educational institutes have acknowledged and adopted technological advances in the educational sector with readiness.

    In spite of this, a major number is yet to experience what smart learning feels like. While ‘chalk and talk’ is still in existence, schools are accepting the newer methods and technologies for classroom experiences and knowledge. This trend will surely grow, and we at ODM, the best CBSE School is Bhubaneswar make sure to adopt it.

  • Learning through different/regional languages – Now that English has set its foot firmly in the education sector, it’s time for regional languages. Since India is a land of varied languages, imparting education in just one or two languages will not serve the purpose effectively.

    And now that Google has announced its support to seven Indian languages through Google Translate, the job will be a wee bit easier. This is definitely a progressive trend to watch out for. ODM being one of the top 10 CBSE Schools in Bhubaneswar is all set to make this change.  

  • Increased demand for professional development of tutors – Since a tutor is the pillar of strength of the educational ecosystem, it is time we update them with the modern world skills, competencies and new teaching pedagogies.

    There is going to a huge demand for professional development of teacher, their trainings, workshops which will include the utilization of their lateral thinking abilities through development programmes and amalgamating them with the modern day teaching techniques. The best school in Bhubaneswar already invests a lot of time and effort in training their tutors to ensure the most esteemed education experience for their students.

  • Formative Assessment solutions – The past couple of years have seen debates about the assessment test approach and their themes, their benefits and cons. But the thing is just about choosing the right assessment solution.
    This trend is definitely here to stay as more and more institutes are adopting the formative assessments.
    These are easy to adapt, reflective, and give the learner a personalized idea of the outcomes. ODM, the best school in Odisha is already follows the formative assessment approach and aims at retaining it.


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