Students vs Teachers: Who Needs More Improvement In This Digital Age?

Being ‘proficient at MS office’ is considered standard, and the shift towards techno-savvy workforce has made its ways to classrooms as well.

It doesn’t sound wrong that more digitally literate staff will foster strong sense of digital citizenship in the students.  However, the concept of digital literacy is vast. In din today’s scenario, it is not about student vs. teacher anymore, rather how both of them work in synergy in accepting digital literacy; this what the staff and students follow at ODM Public School, one of the top 10 cbse schools in Bhubaneswar.

Going beyond Google-

Google hasn’t left any page unturned in becoming the most powerful tool. With an internet access, students can find information in the blink of an eye. This is not limited to just simple questions, but even complex problems. However, there’s a huge difference between googling an answer and actually understanding it.

While taking help from Google can help you save time, and give you quick answers, but it doesn’t help you with the underlying understanding. The staff at ODM Public SChool aims at bridging this gap, which makes it the best school in Bhubaneswar.

Let’s accept that nothing beats personal, individual attention, not even savvy technology. Here are several ways in which teachers can embed digital literacy skills –

  • Teach students to evaluate the information and cross check their sources. This will help them in identifying the difference between trustworthy and untrustworthy sources.

  • Teaching how to draw conclusions – Finding answers is easy but understanding the logic behind it, and drawing strong conclusion is something the teachers can only help students with.

  • Pushing their creativity – Once students know the easy way to get answers and getting work done, they might ignore the wonders their own thinking can do. It is a teacher’s job to push their understanding and creativity to newer levels. Applying knowledge in a creative way, framing out of the box answers is what students need to do. Tutors at this best cbse school in Bhubaneswar aim at achieving all the above listed pointers, tirelessly.


With the change in patterns of how knowledge is consumed and transmitted, there are a few things only teachers can do, with face to face experiences.

  • With so much information at fingertips, how students understand, interpret and apply this knowledge is up to how teachers help them with.

  • Face-to-face experience always convey linguistic and emotional complexity. This inculcates the understanding of empathy, relationships, facial expressions, body languages, voice textures and variations and needs of an individual.

Face-to-face teaching and technology can go hand in hand in a complete harmony. While students are digitally more advanced and literate, teachers today are no less. This is the ideology that ODM Public SChool, the best school in Bhubaneswar follows.


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