There is tough competition to CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar and it isn’t coming from other schools or even private tuitions! Rather, it comes from the online video sharing sensation that is YouTube!


When you think about the recent technological wave that has engulfed the entire world in its undertow - a smartphone in the hand of every child, it is not hard to imagine why even the best schools in Bhubaneswar are facing such competition from YouTube. But there are a lot more factors at work that have to lead to this reliance on digital sources of education.


Let us consider what YouTube can and cannot give today’s students.


Pros of YouTube Education

  • The ease of sharing opinions and gaining fans on YouTube attracts students and youths from all over the globe, with an increasing desire to have their voice heard through these video blogs or vlogs, offering what even the top 10 schools in Bhubaneswar cannot - internet fame and stardom.

  • A few years ago MIT, Harvard, Stanford and Yale all started offering free video lectures, posted directly on YouTube. Inspired by this move by ivy leagues to spread top-quality education, YouTube started its educational service called YouTube EDU in 2009. A direct competitor to CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar.

  • When modern students can’t understand a concept through the written word, their immediate first thought is to learn using a video source, i.e. YouTube. Visual aids are vastly more effective than textbook-based learning, and YouTube offers videos on topics ranging from the most mundane to highly complex. It could be argued that the YouTube video library offers infinite possibilities, something even the best schools in Bhubaneswar couldn’t boast off.

  • YouTube allows students to learn at their own pace, stopping and starting as they wish. This allows for much more retention of knowledge as compared to classroom learning where the teacher sets the pace.

  • Promoting an eclectic range of cultures, YouTube also offers students a much wider view of the world, abolishing ignorance through exposure to different customs and traditions across the globe.


Cons of YouTube Education

  • However unlike CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, YouTube cannot provide on the spot doubt clarifications, reviews of submitted work and suggestions for improvement, essentially leaving students with a one-sided communication process.

  • YouTube has no educational accreditation. With no degrees or certificates being provided, a student gains no real-world advantage from learning through YouTube.Top CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, on the other hand, provide degrees that are acknowledged both at home and internationally.

  • While the best schools in Bhubaneswar carefully vet their instructors, picking the best for their students, YouTube instructors come with practically no credentials at all. Anyone with a webcam can become a YouTube instructor!

  • An influx of fake news and lackadaisical fact-checking shows that YouTube content can be dangerously misinformative. Reliable high-quality content is the forte of a traditional schooling system, not an online platform with free for all access!


Do you believe YouTube could replace CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar?