Teenage years are a crucial time in an individual’s life. As a boarding school in Bhubaneswar, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that our students do not indulge in any wrongful or delinquent activities. And the major reason behind a student indulging or not indulging in a particular activity especially between classes 6th - 12th is peer pressure. Any and every teenager feels the need to fit in and comply with norms imposed by his/her peers. This can then lead to the kind of decisions a student makes. It thus depends on the kind of company a child keeps. One must keep in mind that peer pressure is not always negative, it can be positive too and thus, it’s essential to be able to distinguish between the two.


Positive Peer Pressure

To begin with, you ought to read the signs of positive peer pressure. Some of the more simpler to notice markings of positive peer pressure can be that the child is trying to stay organized and keeping up-to-date with homework and classwork. The need to do well academically surely indicates how the child’s peers too do the same and are not pushing your child to bunk classes or skip homework. Another pointer might be that the child might seem a bit more confident. Being as s/he may be doing well academically and even in extra-curricular activities gives the child a boost of confidence and s/he is likely to seem happier, friendlier and self-assured. As a day boarding school in Bhubaneswar, we always push our students to encourage and motivate each other towards the right things.


Negative Peer Pressure

On the other hand, when your child is dealing with negative peer pressure s/he might exhibit different behaviour patterns. To begin with, the child might not be focusing as much on studies as on interacting with peers for long hours even after schools hours. Other than that the child might become anti-social and even stop interacting with the family members because the child might be dealing with certain issues of self-esteem and thus not be as cheerful and confident as earlier. It is also likely to receive complaints from school that the child is being a bully. Thus, this is how you see different signs of negative peer pressure. As the best CBSE school in Odisha, we are constantly and actively working to eliminate any sort of negative peer pressure among kids.


How To Deal With It

  • Open communication: Always keep an openness with your children so that they can share anything and everything with their parents without any fear. If the child knows that s/he can talk to his/her parents about anything then s/he will not resign to unjust peer pressure and will know how to make the right decisions.


  • Teach ‘no’: Make sure you teach your child from a very young age that it is okay to say no whenever they feel like they are being pressured into something they don’t want to do.


  • Subtle monitoring: Make sure you monitor your child’s behaviour at home because that tends to reflect the happenings at school. However, be subtle about that. The child should not feel threatened that you are taking up his/her personal space. Be, mindful yet careful.