Libraries are a basis of knowledge to young minds; they play a great role in the lives of the students. As one of the best schools in Bhubaneswar, we understand the value of healthy reading, and how it helps students in achieving lifelong skills to succeed in this constantly changing world. And like they say, “Reading keeps the mind young and wise”, all schools should focus highly on encouraging the same.

The importance of a well-maintained library cannot be stressed enough, as this storehouse of knowledge is a tool that makes education even more efficient. It ignites a habit of reading in the students that help them to explore and learn a lot.

Importance of a well-maintained school library:

  1. Academic Achievement- As per one of the ICSE schools in Bhubaneswar, a school library can impact positively on the academic achievements of the students as it enriches reading and learning. The students can perform better in examinations by reading various help books. A school library is a learning hub that welcomes the students to learn about various things. Not only that, a library builds a positive attitude of the students towards learning.


  1. Mental and Emotional Growth of Students: Having a well-built library gives the students the independence to choose their genre of book, and it allows them to explore a lot of options. It not only helps them discover their strengths but also experience many different aspects of reading. All of this fosters the mental and emotional growth of the students as they can view things from various perspectives. We as an English medium school in Cuttack ensure that our students have to access the best titles and get enough time to read quality books.


  1. Bridges the Education Gap: A library gives students a chance to read and learn, something that some of the disadvantaged students at school might find difficult. Thus, the school library can provide them with a way into the information and stories they need. It’s vital that a library is maintained and also has books for the disadvantaged sections of the school, to help them learn and grow.


  1. Beyond Classroom Education: Education beyond the classroom proves very effective for students. Be it outdoor education or out of the syllabus books, they help the students to learn things which are not necessarily taught in a classroom. And its importance can be often overlooked, which can be critical for students’ success. As noted by top schools in Bhubaneswar, reading many books can boost the confidence of children and teach them certain lessons that can prove helpful in life.


  1. Helps the Teachers: A library assists the work of a  teacher and ensures that every student has the required resources. It amends the learning and teaching style positively. Also, the teachers can look for extra material in the library to help them teach their students proficiently.



  • A library helps the students to develop literacy skills and build confidence.

  • It creates a knowledge-driven community.

  • Students can take the books home for further studies. Hence, preparing them for better results.

  • Having exposure to a lot of books can encourage the students to read more, which can broaden their minds and help them achieve lifelong success.

  • The peaceful environment in the library helps the students to study there without any disturbances.


As one of the best schools in Bhubaneswar, we have constantly highlighted the need for a well-maintained library in our school to create better opportunities for the students to learn and grow. Now it’s your time to focus on your school library more.