As the best school in Odisha, our responsibility is not just to impart facts and knowledge to our students. We very well understand the fact that there’s a lot more to the term ‘education.’ It is not just about educating them about the lessons but about the rights, the wrongs and most importantly how to build confidence. Children spend some of their most important years in school. Thus, schools play a big part in shaping a child’s psyche. It then becomes really important to imbibe confidence in the child. Using a few simple tricks, teachers can thus make their students confident individuals.


Here are some ways to imbibe self-confidence in students.


Modelling Confidence

Teachers are someone student’s look up to. Especially in their formative years. Thus, it becomes important that teachers too exhibit confidence in the way they present themselves in class. Students thus tend to reflect behaviours modelled to them. From a teacher’s body language to the way s/he teaches and interacts with the class, all of it makes a world of a difference in a child’s behaviour. Other than that it’s important for the teachers to be enthusiastic about the subject they are teaching. This enthusiasm and confidence are likely to rub off on the students. Being one of the top CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar we have some of the most excelling and confident teachers teaching our students.


Positive Feedback

As one of the top schools in Bhubaneswar, we maintain a positive and conducive environment in the classroom. We also understand that positive and genuine feedback is probably one of the most important things to help build a child’s confidence. We ensure to let the students know when they did good on an assignment, pushing them to strive for more. Even small gestures such as a smile or a nod to show your appreciation will keep the kids motivated.


Accept Mistakes

Mistakes are bound to happen. It’s how teachers react to it that matters. As a central school in Bhubaneswar, we make sure that none of the teachers ever humiliate or belittle the children. Otherwise, that only demotivates them and doesn’t push them to work harder. It’s essential for students to learn that making mistakes is just a part of life and they just need to be able to rectify them. Even teachers are bound to make mistakes and if they do that in classrooms, the best way to tackle them is to solve it without making too much of a ruckus, again the students are likely to reflect this behaviour and not feel embarrassed of making mistakes.


Foster Creativity

Expressing oneself creatively is one of the most effective ways to feel confident. We as a CBSE residential school in Bhubaneswar conduct many creative activities in the classroom. This is especially helpful for introverted students. Since, talking is not a way to express themselves, being creative is how they do it. Having the freedom to be creative will give them a huge boost of confidence since their creativity is a great part of who they are.


With such small and simple techniques incorporated into the classroom, we help build students’ confidence as the best school in Odisha.