4 Ways to Handle your Teenage Children

4 Ways to Handle your Teenage Children

We all grow through a certain age when we very strongly believe that there is no one right except us, we are stubborn, we believe that are unique, do self-contradictory things and will act as if we know everything but are wrong all along, and it is when we are teenagers. Sometimes this kind of an attitude towards people or things gets the teenage kid into trouble, and as once teenager ourselves, it is important that we understand their mind & doings, and learn to handle them effectively without letting them go out of control.

It can be difficult to handle an adolescent, so to not let this happen, we as the best school in Bhubaneswar would like to share some tactics that you must follow to handle your child effectively:

  • Do not give away your power: There is one thing that is very common among all the teenagers around the world and that is that they may act poorly, they push, ignore, abuse, react over every matter and not limited to teasing, disobeying, back talking, temper throwing, rule breaking, dismissing, haggling, and provoking. This may affect you as an adult, but you have to maintain your composure, because if you react- you are giving away the upper hand on the child, and then they know what can tip you off. 

  • Utilize Assertive and Effective Communication: Getting angry is not the key. While you are trying to communicate with a teenage, ODM Public School as one of the best residential school in Bhubaneswar suggests that you converse like a leader. You can use assertive, strong tone and language to strengthen your position. Further, you can use the power of No, and let the teenage person know that they don’t own the world- and will get what they want by earning it.

  • Try to Maintain Humor and Show Empathy: In relatively mild situations, you as an adult must show empathy even if the teenager is a bit difficult to handle. Sometimes it is okay to let them handle tricky situations, and it is best that you let them be- and let them make their own decisions- as your persistent participation in their lives can sabotage their self-hood, and make them feel even worse about themselves, thus it is basically important that you let some things slide by just saying- ‘here you go again!’

  • Extend a hand to Help Solve Problems: Well, this is the tricky part- it is difficult to judge when to help and when not to, but you should always be available to them no matter what the situation is. Many difficult teenagers behave difficult because they don’t believe that adults really listen. You must use the “pull” strategy and let the young person come to you if and when he's ready.

Teenagers can be difficult all the time, but as a CBSE school in Bhubaneswar, we suggest that you take things slow and casual, and not be persuasive at all times. You have to let the kid be and let them find what they are looking for. Keep an eye, but not too close!