How to select the right school for your child?

How to select the right school for your child?

Every parent wishes the best for their children, and it gets even more important when they are growing to learn new things. It is very critical for every parent that they provide their children with the best of education, lifestyle or learning which help them become a better and a self-reliable person who can lead a fulfilling and happy life without being dependent on anyone else for anything. As one of the best English medium schools in Bhubaneswar, we at ODM Public School suggest that you make the right choice of school- when admitting your child in a new school.

While you get onto a small guide that will help you select the right school for your child, remember that any school that you select should encourage your child into developing creativity and managing his/her temperament. Here is how you can select the right school-

1. Do your Research while understanding the core values of the school: As you get onto your first step of filtering from a number of potential schools, you should go through the core value that every school teaches in their school. This is necessary because this helps you decide what & who your child will become while learning at this school. If your child will need extra attention to grow in the schooling or the school offers other opportunities / areas of interest that matches with your children- such as sports or arts.

2. School Infrastructure: Is the school equipped with a proper library, or playgrounds, or does it have a computer lab. While selecting the school, the parents must also ensure that the school premises have clean and properly maintained bathrooms. These are some of the questions you need to examine regarding the infrastructure. ODM Public School Bhubaneswar, Odisha believes that cleanliness is like godliness and thus ensures a clean, safe, sanitized and a healthy environment at all places.

3. Academic Performance of the School: One of the most important and primary factors to look in a school is its academic performance. Nowadays, competitiveness leads to a healthy environment where the child grows to learn that you have to participate in academic activities of their interest and pursue it with a whole heart. Compare the school’s average exam scores in the district and state level. Look at the list of top 10 CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, and then make a decision.

4. School Curriculum: There are multiple curriculums available to learn from such as CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, state board etc., while checking the schools you must look at which one does your favourite school teach? It is important because some boards are more difficult than the others and suit best as per the child’s capabilities.

As one of the best residential schools in Bhubaneswar, we suggest that you take a tour of our school premises and then compare it with other schools. You will find what you are looking for on the only visit. ODM Public School offers an environment that helps the children grow and become the leaders of the world and encourage them to never give up on their dreams.