5 Tactics to make homework more Enjoyable & Less Stressful

5 Tactics to make homework more Enjoyable & Less Stressful

Homework is a compulsory part of the child’s education over the year until he/she graduates from college and starts working. This is a sort of activity that helps children learn and grow when they are at home by practicing what they learned at school. While it becomes an automatic process for elder children to come home and revise & practice what they learned at school, but it gets very complicated with younger children who study under the guidance of their parents. Doing homework is quite boring, but it is essential for the child's continuous growth and development, and yes, of course, for their grades in school.

So, here are 5 tips and tactics for parents to follow from the top CBSE schools in Odisha that will make homework more enjoyable and a lot less stressful:

1. Teach by giving examples: The best tactic in the book is to teach by giving examples. Learning something for the first time is quite tricky in itself. Still, it can become fun if parents try to teach by giving lie-related examples, as it will help children connect with the situation and understand the lesson without fail. ODM Public School tops the CBSE schools in the Bhubaneswar list as it is able to impart knowledge in a way that engages students in a fun way- by giving examples and class activities.

2. Have a rationale while giving homework: Sometimes, children do not bring any homework from school, but to keep the child occupied in an activity, parents give them something to do. At the best CBSE residential school in Bhubaneswar, we at ODMPS suggest not giving out homework just to keep them busy with work. Give your child a valid reason for doing the homework so that they do not feel it as a punishment and feel okay about doing it.

3. Always praise your child’s work: It is imperative that parents appreciate their child /children for completing the job in a timely manner without any mistakes. This not only creates a happy, healthy atmosphere for the child to grow in but also encourages them to go a little extra mile when they are doing their homework the next time.

4. Always stick to a schedule: The most exciting thing in a child’s life is to get the time to go out and play with their friends, but parents are continuously worried about their child’s homework. So, in such a scenario, at schools in Patia Bhubaneswar, we suggest that it is better to lay out a schedule in front of the child and allot a set amount of time to various activities like playing, reading, doing homework or watching TV. This will firstly, help you bring up a disciplined child and, secondly, make your life a little easy and tantrum-free, and yes, the child will be more focused on completing the home assignment.

5. Keep away from disturbances: If you have been able to set & implement your child’s schedule, then you will also be able to keep them away from any kind of disturbances such as their younger/elder sibling, kitchen noises, televisions + smartphone sounds and or other things that can distract them. This is important so that they can finish the work within a limited time.

Creating a holistic environment for your child is very important to help them learn, grow, and become positive and less stressed in their ways of life.