In a world that keeps on going and stops for nobody, one has to take out time to become better at what they want. Solving some puzzles is a great time pass, but it also enhances the way we think, understand, and process things. It is vital to give your brain the right food that is knowledge and logical puzzles that opens up their cognitive thinking. Here are some brain-tickling challenges that we, the best residential school in Bhubaneswar, have collated for our students and anyone who seeks it that will make them pose questions such as “What,” “Why,” “When” and “How” while solving the problem:

1. Big Riddles – A Platform that Collates Riddles and Teasers: This is a platform where the child can learn to put their brains to the ultimate test by checking out the largest repository of riddles of various flavors; be it a lateral puzzle or a puzzle which deals with probability or is based on logical thinking. Students can solve different brain teasers and improve their lateral & cognitive thinking, which will help them in solving the problems in real life as well.

2. Learning Tree – An Interesting Array of Matchstick Puzzles: These are a set of exciting and intriguing puzzles that will benefit students of all age groups. The problems available on this platform mainly will boost and unleash the student’s imaginative & lateral thinking as they will have to follow the instructions and come up with a figure using the matchsticks in a certain number of moves.

3. Brain Food – The Cop-Murderer Puzzles: This cop-murder game is the perfect merger of narrating a story with a puzzle. In this game, the students have to come to a conclusion or find the results while reading the story and collecting some clues that are hidden in the evidence and questions throughout the story. We at the top school in Odisha feel that this puzzle will result in enhancing the lateral thinking of the students and will sharpen their minds for any such situations that may come in the future.

4. Scrabble: This is a word game, but it is one of the most exciting, intriguing, and dynamic game that changes with each and every letter the player draws. This is not quite a puzzle, but it takes the minds of the players to the next level in search of the words that are hidden in some corners of their brains to win the game. This also encourages students to learn new words to get better at the game and be winners.

5. Scotland Yard: A detective game that is so aptly designed with all the rules, regulations, places and choices in the area. The students must play this game once in a while to tickle their brain cells. This is a perfect game for people who are curious about becoming detectives as it takes them on a roller coaster ride in search of the thief.

ODM Public School is the best CBSE School in Odisha, and to become that, we have ensured that our students learn the best from the best. Through these games, a child’s brainpower maximizes, and they are able to solve the real problems of life just like the game. We encourage students to participate in such various activities in school, home, or competitions.