Summer vacations are surely a highlight of the academic year for a student. It is also a time to be productive. We as one of the top 10 schools in Bhubaneswar always advocate that our students indulge in some activity or other. 2 months is a long time, so it’s essential that this time is utilized well and productively. Here’s a list of activities the students can take up during their summer vacations and pick up a skill or two.


Science Experiments

Help your child fall in love with science. Have them do easily at-home science experiments so that they understand different processes. Have them experiment and based on the results you can then explain to them the scientific principle that lies behind it.


  • Help understand the science of molecules by taking a large plastic bag and allow air to fill it up. Quickly cinch it from the top to trap the air and stand in the sun. As the air gets warmer the bag will start rising into the air.

  • Another simple experiment is lighting a small paper on fire by placing it under a magnifying glass which is placed directly under the sun rays.

Try some more of these interesting and educational experiments, to expand your child’s mind. As one of the CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar, we are firm believers in DIY projects and suggest you do the same too.



Gardening is a productive activity and very calming too. Have your child learn about plants and their properties. Not only will this instil the student with the workings of different plants but also imbibe them with nurturing characteristics. Moreover, it will help them learn compassion towards the environment. Understanding that plants are living breathing beings can make students more environment-friendly, which also is one of our aims as one of the schools in Bhubaneswar.


Learning Real Life Tasks

Learning to become responsible starts at a very young age. Teach kids some real-life skills so that they can look after themselves whenever required. If not that, they’ll only thank you as adults for teaching them so. Teach them cooking, get them involved in small household chores, teach them to socialize or maybe even how to do a bit of easy bank work.


A Trip To A Historical City

Of course, summer vacations are a time to go on a family trip. Well, rather than taking the child out for an extravagant one where you stay in luxurious properties, take them to a historical, culture-rich city. Teach them about living and fitting into a new culture. This helps imbibe confidence in a child and piques his/her interest in social sciences or maybe even travelling. Knowing different cultures is always a replenishing experience and gives the child a very different perspective. Thus we too as one of the top 10 schools in Bhubaneswar take our students out for school trips to culture-rich locations.



Reading is a more important activity than we realize. Give your child a book and encourage them to read it a little every day. Reading books can expand a child’s mind and spike his/her interest in studying too. It also thus, helps improve his/her English language skills which can prove to be very useful later in life. Other than that it is also responsible for increasing a child’s creativity. Reading a little daily is surely a very good activity to indulge in. We too as an English medium school in Bhubaneswar, advice our kids to read daily.


Hobby Classes

Be it swimming, learning a new language, a dance form, other forms of sports or drawing classes, enrolling into a hobby class is important for a child. This helps him/her realize wherever his/her interests lie. These interests can further be honed by taking that up seriously on a higher level.

Keep your kids invested in something through the vacations and they are sure to develop some really important life skills which are our aim as one of the top 10 schools in Bhubaneswar.