5 Tips to Boost your Child's Confidence

5 Tips to Boost your Child's Confidence

In such a competitive world, there are chances that the students may lose their confidence amidst the crowd. Some children feel very excited and confident to be out there, perform and socially connect with other children, whereas some children have insecurities, and they fear how their social choices may attract unwanted attention, holding them back from being the best they can be. The best CBSE School in Bhubaneswar understands that building the child's confidence is not an easy task, so we suggest that parents who have been able to identify their child's lack of confidence must follow the below-mentioned tips to boost their self-esteem:

1. Appreciate their efforts: Every human needs reassurance, kids of all. Every kid in their younger age tries to be the best version of them, some are able to whereas some just lag behind. The best CBSE School in Bhubaneswar for 11th and 12th suggests that as a parent, you must try to boost your child's morale and confidence by appreciating all the efforts they are putting into any activity that is out of their comfort zone and praise them that they have done an excellent job. By praising, appreciating their efforts, you not only show them their positive efforts but also the confidence to do the activity again.

2. Set Achievable Goals: To push your child towards doing things, as a parent, you can help them in setting reachable goals and timelines. This will enable your child to concentrate on things more realistically while keeping any toxic feelings of under-confidence at bay. Help your child set smaller, more achievable goals, as it will encourage them to pursue more of the activity in the future.

3. Lead by example: Kids tend to follow their parent's footsteps. If the parent lacks confidence, then the kids are usually bound to lack confidence as well. So, as a parent, you must try to put forth a confident version of yourself who takes on the challenge. While it may be a bit tricky as you have to go through dozens of things and emotions every day, but developing a healthy coping mechanism will help you succeed in difficult situations, and thus, your child will learn from your behaviour and take on as it is.

4. Create Independence: Children who live in a more open and independent environment grow to become self-confident individuals capable of completing their tasks without any external support, whereas children who are kept in a shell or are dependent on their parents tend to lose their self-esteem. One of the top 10 English medium Schools in Bhubaneswar believes that it is the independence of the students that encourages the students to take the lead in their lives.

Practice Discipline: Living in a more disciplined environment gives the child the bandwidth to participate in several activities apart from education and keeps them in check when they behave in an uncertain way. Getting angry is different from being firm, and that's the difference between an undisciplined and disciplined environment. Speak with them, not at them.

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