English is one of the most spoken languages in India and the world. Thus, it becomes essential

for children to know English from a young age. Parents these days wish to teach their English at

home but are clueless as to where to begin. Teachers at ODM Public School, the best English

medium school in Bhubaneswar curated a list that can help parents teach the language at home

without any fuss or confusion while also making learning fun:

? Playing Games

One of the easiest ways of teaching something new to kids is doing it in the form of

games and making it fun! Flashcards are the easiest way of playing while teaching. You

can use flashcards depending upon the learning stage your child is at Letters, words, or

sentences. You can also use board games and word games.

? Using Stories

Reading bedtime stories and nap stories in English (and later translating in your mother

tongue if your kid doesn’t understand the language as of now) can be both fun and


? Using Movies

Nothing’s better than a good movie! Select any of the animated films or films meant for

children from the long list of movies available and watch on! Later, discuss the storyline

and characters with him or her in English.

? Using Music

Teach your kid English rhymes or music, while also telling them the meaning along with

it. You can also choose to teach your kid to dance with it since that will make it more fun!

? Create a strategy

When you’re clear about what you’re going to teach your kid at which stage, it’ll become

easier for him to grasp things as well. Start by easier things like numbers and colours

and body parts, then move onto animals and food names and adjectives etc.

Teachers at ODM Public School, the best English medium school in Bhubaneswar also use all of

the given techniques while teaching English to children thus ensuring that while learning new

things, children also have fun and do not feel any fatigue or boredom. Children have a really short

attention span and require fun techniques to help them remember everything. Thus, the more

active the medium, the more desired the results would be.

We at ODM believe that learning begins at home and there are no better teachers than parents.

We hope that the tips and tricks shared by us help your tiny tot learn the language quickly!