Self Disciplinary Activities That kids should Practice every day in Bhubaneswar

Self Disciplinary Activities That kids should Practice every day in Bhubaneswar

The best Teaching jobs in Bhubaneswar are the ones in which kids are taught to be self-disciplined enough to be self-dependent. A classroom is a place where kids are on their own. They display the qualities they are encouraged at home. How they are taught to be at home, is how they will display themselves to the world. Any child can be taught self- discipline in the following ways-


1. Let the child decide the structure

There are many important things to do in a day. But they might differ for a parent and a child. The parent can make his/ her own schedule according to priority, but a child might not. Ask the child what all had they planned on accomplishing in the day. Let them set their own schedule. As a parent, this makes the child understand that their schedule is their own. What all activities they can do, how much time they have and how well they can spend it.

Let the child know that you are still the adult by gently reminding them about their own set schedule. The child will be excited to each day. They will be benefiting from this practice in the long run. The child will always be able to follow through his/ her schedule without rebellion.


2. Rules with reason

The up-to-date education imparted by ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar encourages kids to be logical so that they are not blindsided in the longer run. Parents have their rules which children should be taught. It's better to get these kids to listen to you, if they know the logic behind it. Rules serve a purpose and kids will learn that.

" Do your homework because I said so," isn't as effective. "Do your homework now so that you can have free time later," will get a more proactive response from kids.


3. Actions have consequences

Kids need to face the consequences of their actions. This goes without saying. A self-disciplined adult understands that their actions have definitive direct or indirect consequences. ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar advice parents to avoid power struggles.


Facing consequences will teach children that actions taken have responsibility. And they are responsible for anything that happens based on their decision. This inculcates a healthy living approach to responsibility. Kids will have the potential to be self-disciplined.


4. Teach Problem Solving Attitude

It is important not to solve the child's problem for him/ her. Rather it is important for them to learn what are the ways to tackle different problems. Learning to solve any problem is done by experiencing the inconvenience and finding the most suitable way out of it. ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar specifically teach their students this essential life skill.


A parent can start simply by teaching the kid self-reliance. Instead of solving the problem for the kid, a parent can teach the kid to do it his/ her way. Self-discipline also arises from the confidence that any problem has a solution that can be derived without unnecessary additions.


5. Earn and Buy Ideology

An entitled the adult is never self-disciplined. Do not give the student just anything they ask for. To appreciate anything, one must work to achieve it.


If your child wants a certain amount of pocket money, make sure that he/ she is contributing in some way or the other towards the household. Or he/she runs errands, do chores or have a small job that can give them the pocket money.

Let the child savor and value what she/ he wants. Delayed gratification as an adult should not take away their will to work towards their goal. And constantly working for what they want will allow this habit to sink in.


It is recommended by child psychologists and guidance counselors that at ODM Public School, Odisha to let the behavior go unrewarded. This is supported by a simple fact. In adult life, a person does not achieve anything out of the ordinary by being on good behavior. Rather it rarely reflects on anything. Being good for a certain benefit is an encouragement that should not be given on moral grounds. It is better to let the child be his/ her true self despite wanting to gain something.