A Purposeful Lively Educational Trip to the State Museum for (Grade III )

15 Nov, 2019 01:24 PM

ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar always plays an effective role to connect youngsters to their history and culture. With the above objective, Grades III students visited the State Museum situated amidst the lush greenery. The various avenues of the museum are, displays of archaeological discoveries from the Stone age to the Bronze, the Coins, Portraits and the Artefact collection revealed everything thing about the history of our state. The students of class III of ODMPublic School visited the State Museum on 17th Oct 2019. More than one hundred students were accompanied by teachers and the purpose of the trip was to explore and to have an enriching learning experience for the students. The trip began with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour. It was certainly a memorable and knowledgeable visit. The things students visualized there will remain still fresh in their memories.